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Selling a valuable asset can be an emotionally and mentally taxing journey. At Rodriguez Real Estate, we understand the challenges that come with it and are here to guide you throughout your home selling journey for a successful sale.  

Our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, consider remodeling or upgrading options, determine the right pricing, plan pre-market exposure, reach out to potential buyers through our agent network, host open houses, and more.  

With our expertise, we will mobilize and strategically position your property to achieve unparalleled sales performance. 

Pricing and Strategy

At Rodriguez Real Estate, we use a comprehensive approach to determine the best pricing strategy for your property. Our team considers various factorsincluding comparable sales in the area, your property’s unique features and competitive advantage, and the current state of the market. 

As the seller, we understand that you have the final say on the listing price. However, we’re committed to using our expertise to provide you with a recommended price that we believe will position your property for success. Our goal is to work collaboratively with you to develop a pricing strategy that meets your needs and ensures a successful sale.

Home improvement services:

We can assist you in selecting and managing any of these services to help make your property stand out and attract potential buyers.  

  • Decluttering  
  • Deep cleaning  
  • Mold remediation  
  • Pest control  
  • Roof repair  
  • Landscaping  
  • Painting and cosmetic renovations  
  • Window treatments and replacement  
  • Floor refinishing and replacement  
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodel  


We understand the importance of staging in attracting potential buyers to your property. We work with professional staging companies to create an inviting and visually appealing atmosphere that showcases your property’s full potential. 

By using existing furniture or bringing in staging furniture, our team of experts will arrange and decorate the space to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. This will help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space and make it easier for them to picture how they can make it their own. Trust us to maximize the appeal of your property and attract more buyers through our professional staging services. 


Professional photography is essential in showcasing your property in the best possible light. Our team works with skilled photographers who are experts in creating stunning compositions that capture your property’s interiors and exteriors. 

Our photographers will schedule a shoot during the optimal time of day for natural light and exposure to create breathtaking images that showcase your property’s beauty and unique features. We understand that high-quality photography can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers and ensuring a successful sale. Trust us to showcase your property in the best possible way through our professional photography services. 


We also understand the importance of showcasing not just your property but also its surroundings. Our team of skilled photographers may capture drone photos to provide a stunning aerial view of your property and its neighborhood. 

After taking into account the size of your property, exterior features, and neighborhood, our photographers may suggest using drone photography to capture a unique perspective that highlights the beauty of your property and its surroundings. This will help potential buyers appreciate the full scope of your property and its location. Trust us to utilize the latest technology and techniques to showcase your property and make it stand out in the market. 


Open houses and private showings:

Open houses and private showings are crucial to the successful sale of your property. Our team has developed a systematic and proven methodology to ensure that this step of the selling process is executed effectively:  

  • Pre-listing and preparation  
  • Open house signage  
  • Pre-showing preparation  
  • Sign-in and follow-up  

We’ve gone through extensive training to ensure that we’re equipped to provide a seamless and enjoyable showing experience for potential buyers. We prioritize pre-listing and preparation to make sure that your property is ready to impress buyers. We also prioritize pre-showing preparation and ensure that every showing is followed up with a sign-in and follow-up to provide a personalized and professional experience for every potential buyer.  

Trust us to make your open houses and private showings successful and efficient.