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Which Would You Prefer?


Go at it alone
(without a buyer’s agent).


Hire a local buyer’s agent .


Hire Rodriguez Real Estate as your buyer’s agent .


Research, calculate, and identify the right potential properties without any professional guidance or support.

An agent potentially more interested in closing a sale than helping you buy the right property on your terms.

A curated shopping experience with recommendations specifically tailored to meet or exceed your expectations, brought to you by Rodriguez Real Estate’s expert buyer’s agents. 


Spend hundreds of hours online searching for potential properties without guidance. 

Receive tons of listings that marginally meet your needs and reiterate what you’re looking for repeatedly. 

Minimize the house-hunting and invest your attention only in properties that meet your prerequisites with our help. 


Rely only on your own knowledge of the market and invest significant time in gathering information from all over. 

Work with an agent who has dependable knowledge but unremarkable experience in the local market. 

Utilize the most talented realtors in the central Iowa with several awards, hundreds of transactions, and decade of experience from Rodriguez Real Estate’s buyer’s agents.


Navigate the competitive central Iowa market with numerous buyers competing for the same property and figure out how to make your offer stand out on your own.

Work with an agent who has relationships in the market but lacks the extensive network and relationships necessary to get your offer to the top of the stack. 

Always get your offer in on-time, in front of sellers, and up for negotiation with Rodriguez Real Estate’s expert buyer’s agents, who have a vast and unparalleled network in the local market. 


Work directly with the Selling Agent and trust that you’re not being taken advantage of throughout negotiations and closing.

Depend on an agent who lacks a first-rate track-record of success, risk losing out on the property you want, and settling for a less-than-best purchasing agreement. 


Harness Rodriguez Real Estate’s influence to get your offer accepted and reach an optimal purchase agreement, as their buyer’s agents will fight to protect your interests. 


Find your own lender, use the seller’s escrow company, and be under-represented with little transparency into the transaction processing of your property. 


Work with an agent who has a limited network, fight for attention, and plan on constant follow-ups, lag-time responses, and built-in agency transaction services.


Get unlimited access to leading professionals from financing to close, and enjoy real-time updates from Rodriguez Real Estate’s always-responsive team of trusted partners. 


Commit to being self-educated in the most strategic part of the home-buying process. 


Work with an agent who understands contingencies and knows when they should be removed. 


Benefit from a strategic plan for the removal of contingencies that secures your leverage, mitigates risk, and eases your mind through the entirety of the closing process, provided by Rodriguez Real Estate’s expert buyer’s agents.